Batteries-included, on-prem Kubernetes
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Raspberry Pi Kubernetes

Batteries-included, on-prem Kubernetes

Kubernetes was developed to be cloud-agnostic, but not environment-agnostic. In trying to spin up our own cluster on-prem, we discovered that basic functions like file storage weren't supported by default. Our intent with this project is to source all components necessary to build an on-prem cluster functionally equivalent to one you might find in a public cloud.

This repository contains:

  1. The selection of software used for Kubernetes, storage, networking, secrets management, and a GUI.
  2. The selection of hardware used in the reference cluster.


Kubernetes Distribution


Networking /

  • autossh hacked together reverse tunnel for now
  • chisel network tunnelling solution under development

Secrets Management


  • Rancher, a simple GUI for Kubernetes
    • Pending adoption until Rancher v2 supports Kubernetes v1.20