Apps & tools that run great on-prem
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Self Hosted

Apps & tools that run great on-prem.

Criteria for Inclusion:

  • Must support x86-64 and ARM64 CPUs (Intel/AMD machines & Raspberry Pi).
  • Must be core useful functions must be open-source.
  • Must come packaged in a public container registry.

K3s, a tiny, certified, production-ready Kubernetes distribution.

  • Super easy to init and configure.
  • Much smaller binary than regular Kubernetes - strips out deprecated APIs, alpha features, and vendor-specific code.
  • Much more flexible system requirements.
    • Supports ARM devices as first-class citizens.

Inlets, an open-source and self-hostable ingress/firewall-buster proxy.

  • Perfect for exposing services on your LAN without actually opening ports on your router. All you need is a single publicly-accessible server somewhere like a DigitalOcean droplet or a Linode (<-- referral codes that give you some free signup credit).
  • Big shoutout to BattlePope on Reddit for suggesting this to me as I was banging my head against the wall trying to use SSH port-forwarding.

Ceph, a distributed storage system.

  • Useful for creating shared storage pools between networked machines.
  • Works with or without containers/Kubernetes.
  • Treats ARM devices as first-class citizens.
  • Good alternative to NFS shares on Raspberry Pi clusters.

Nextcloud, "Most of G Suite in a Box".

  • Deluxe collaborative office and communications suite meant for self-hosting on Linux servers.
  • Plays nice with Microsoft office and Active Directory
  • Client apps available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.
    • Treats Desktop Linux & ARM processors as first-class citizens.
  • Offers optional Enterprise support.
    • Deployed in production by the German government.

Gitea, a painless, self-hosted Git service.

  • Ultra-lightweight GitHub analog.
  • Written in Go and performs like it.
  • ARM64 first-class support - runs well on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Supports SSO with LDAP and 0Auth.

OpenFAAS, serverless functions on Kubernetes with no cloud vendor lock-in.